Who we are

US-Japan Healthcare Connection was created in 2022 as an integrated collaboration between Japan Society of Northern California and US-Japan Medtech Frontiers to promote medical device and medical technology innovation through US-Japanese interaction in industry, academia and government. 
The program is governed by the US-Japan Healthcare Council and will provide a major conference and a roadshow introducing innovative US growth companies in Japan and a Healthcare Symposium introducing Japanese companies in healthcare to potential US partners. In addition we will also provide timely interim events on important topics as well as networking opportunities.

Japan Society of Northern California

  • Japan Society of Northern California is a non-profit organization founded in San Francisco in 1905, by 
    three forward-looking people (the Stanford University President, a San Mateo attorney, and the Consul General of Japan) to spread the knowledge of Japan and promote U.S.-Japan cooperation
  • Its mission is to advance understanding and friendship between the people of the U.S. and Japan at the grassroots level
  • The Society offers high-quality programming, about 40 events a year, in a wide array of subjects in
    both arts & culture and business & technology, and Japanese language classes
  • It has a strategic focus on connecting the Silicon Valley/San Francisco ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship to Japan and since 2011 has held the Annual Innovation Award Symposium with US-Asia Technology Management Center of Stanford University
  • The Society and US-Japan Medtech Frontiers began collaboration in 2020 and have worked together successfully to hold online events:
    • 2020: Medtech Emerging Growth Companies 2020 Virtual Roadshow (over 500 attendees for 3-day conference)
    • 2021: Digital Transformation of Healthcare: Hospitals at Home and Patient Monitoring (over 400 attendees for 2-day conference)
  • Its activities have been supported by many corporate members and sponsors, both U.S. and Japanese, as well as individual members and collaborative partners

US-Japan Medtech Frontiers

USJMF was founded in 2013 by Jack Moorman (Chairman), Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno, Kirk Zeller, Elton Satusky, Masa Ishii and Casey McGlynn and based in Silicon Valley. Its mission is to share best practices for medical device and healthcare innovation and promote networking and collaboration between US and Japanese medical device organizations. Since 2014, it has held annual conferences and symposiums successfully at different cities in Japan:

  • 2014: First Annual Innovation Forum in Sendai hosted by Tohoku University with 350 attendees | A senior management Executive Symposium was held at the US Embassy in Tokyo, with 80 attendees
  • 2015: The Innovation Forum was co-hosted by Osaka University and the City of Osaka, with over 400 attendees | The Executive Symposium was held at the US Embassy in Tokyo, with 130 attendees
  • 2016: The Innovation Forum was hosted by Hiroshima Prefecture with over 530 attendees | The Executive Symposium was held in Tokyo hosted by JETRO and the US Embassy, with 150 attendees
  • 2017: The Innovation Forum and Pitch (Medtech Asia) were held in Okinawa | The Executive Symposium was held in Tokyo in collaboration with LINK-J and the US Embassy
  • 2018: The Innovation Forum was held in Kobe and Shizuoka | The Medtech Innovation Symposium and Pitch was held in Tokyo with LINK-J and the US Embassy
  • 2019: The Innovation Forum was held in Kobe and Innovation Seminar was in Kyoto | Early-stage medical device company roadshow was held in Tokyo with LINK-J and the US Embassy
  • 2020 and 2021: Shifted to virtual events with Japan Society of Northern California

It all started when these two met by coincidence at Aspen Snowmass Ski Area. John Thomas, Board Member, Japan Society, Vice Chairman, Martingale Asset Management and Jack Moorman, Co-Founder, US-Japan Medtech Frontiers.