Event 2021
Event 2021

The Covid Pandemic is rapidly accelerating digital delivery of Healthcare services. The US-Japan Healthcare Connection will offer a ground breaking Program – “The Coming Revolution in Healthcare” – that presents the latest developments underlying this transformation, with particular focus on “Hospitals at Home” and remote “Patient Monitoring”.

APRIL 22 & MAY 19, 2021
—DAY 2 : MAY 19, 2021—
US: 4:20 – 4:30 PM (PDT) Japan: 8:20 – 8:30 AM
US: 4:30 – 4:35 PM (PDT) Japan: 8:30 – 8:35 AM
Jack Moorman | Chairman, US-Japan Medtech Frontiers
US: 4:35 – 4:45 PM (PDT) Japan: 8:35 – 8:45 AM

AvodahMed, changing healthcare as we know it through the embedding of AI throughout live video conferencing with computer vision, real-time language translation, and patient vitals informing both patient and doctor in new and novel ways.



Shawn Ring was born in the United States and has over 25 years’ experience in leading in ministry, technology, and business. He is a second-generation Pastor, with an undergraduate degree in Information Technologies and a MBA in International Business.

While his history began domestically within the United States, over half of his history is focused alongside the global church serving initiatives found in the Lausanne, Global Day of Prayer, Global Inquiry, and Transform World. He has started, counseled, and has overseen businesses and ministries located and serving in United States, Fiji, Singapore, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique, Israel, Mexico, and South Africa. Shawn has worked closely with domestic churches, non-profit ministries, and businesses.

In Shawn’s present role, he serves as CEO & President of Avodah,Inc. Prior to Avodah he served as Chief Information Officer of the Seed Company, where he oversaw creative, communications and technology. During his time here he assisted in designing the Museum of the Bible, illuminations bible, and assisted Seed Company in building out their platform architecture and BI environments. Prior to the Seed Company he served as an Executive Pastor at Gateway Church where he established Gateway Church’s digital ministries. These digital ministries focus on equipping people in the areas of engagement, community, discipleship and spiritual formation. Prior to Gateway Church, Shawn served as President and CTO of Assemble Communications, a global VSAT and terrestrial wireless company that focused on bringing the latest in technology and content to 2nd and 3rd world environments working closely with the indigenous church and local businesses. Under his oversight and project management, Assemble successfully won a VSAT and terrestrial wireless license, the first in the history of Fiji. He also led a new technologies team in the US serving disaster management, government and non-profit organizations. Prior to Assemble Communications Shawn served as President and Chief Technology Officer of Integrity Online. Under Shawn’s leadership, Integrity Online grew to be the largest filtered Internet Service Provider in the United States. Shawn is serving and has served on multiple boards and worked closely with short-term mission organizations, raised funding for both business and not-for-profit projects.

He has been married to his wife Brenda for 28 years. He has four children, Amber, Sierrah, Jackson, and Gabriel. His passion is discovery, learning, innovation, downhill skiing, and mountain biking.

US: 4:45 – 4:55 PM (PDT) Japan: 8:45 – 8:55 AM

Casana, the makers behind the innovative toilet seat integrated with an IoT heart health device.



Nicholas Conn is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Casana. Prior to founding Casana, Nick was a Research Scientist at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He completed his PhD in Microsystems Engineering in 2016 at RIT, where he developed Casana’s technology – a toilet seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system. Nick’s passion is to bring clinical grade medical devices to the consumer, through revolutionary internet of things (IoT) and wearable technologies. His expertise spans business development, medical devices, ultra-low power systems, physiology, signal processing, algorithm development, and heart failure monitoring.

US: 4:55 – 5:05 PM (PDT) Japan: 8:55 – 9:05 AM

CereVu, known for creating wearables that can measure objective pain in real-time for both hospital and remote settings.


Jon Gasson is the Chief Executive Officer of CereVu Medical, a company developing a remote monitoring system capable of measuring key vital signs, including pain and dyspnea. He is also the founder of PreView Medical, a prostate cancer detection and therapy planning company. Jon periodically consults to private and public companies, as well as venture capital firms, in the areas of fundraising, product development strategy, technology assessment, commercialization, marketing, and business development.

Jon has served as a senior manager in venture backed and large public companies. He was previously the first employee and President of Invuity, Inc., (acquired by Stryker) a less invasive surgery company backed by Kleiner Perkins, InterWest Partners and private investors. He has also served in numerous business development, marketing and sales roles at Guidant, AVE and Medtronic. He serves on the board of CereVu Medical, PreView Medical and TopgeniX, Inc. Jon holds a BA in Finance from the University of Florida and an MBA from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg School of Management.

US: 5:05 – 5:15 PM (PDT) Japan: 9:05 – 9:15 AM

Digital Diagnostics, aiding in the early detection and intervention of diabetic retinopathy through the power of AI and computer algorithms.

Digital Diagnosticsは、AI技術とコンピューターアルゴリズムを駆使した自動診断技術の開発で知られる企業です。自律型AI診断システムを通して高精度の診断結果を提供し、糖尿病網膜症の早期発見、早期治療に貢献することを目指しています。

Liz Asai is the former CEO and Co-Founder of 3Derm, a skin cancer diagnostics company based on her undergraduate research at Yale University that was acquired by Digital Diagnostics in 2020. 3Derm developed skin imaging systems and machine learning algorithms to triage patients’ skin concerns. Her team conducted three clinical studies and became the first company to obtain FDA Breakthrough Status for their skin cancer algorithms. Through their commercialized teledermatology platform, 3Derm now serves thousands of patients at health systems in the US. Liz has raised several rounds of capital, attracted over a million dollars in public and private research grants, and led the efforts to secure teledermatology coverage from several major payers. She is actively involved with local and national health tech policy groups testifying and drafting legislation advocating for telemedicine reimbursement. Liz holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.

US: 5:15 – 5:25 PM (PDT) Japan: 9:15 – 9:25 AM

Eko Health, the developers of a wide range of advanced stethoscopes combined with AI-powered analysis tools, for an elevated way of detecting and monitoring cardiovascular disease.

Eko Healthは、最先端技術を駆使した電子聴診器を開発する医療機器メーカーです。同社が提供するさまざまなタイプの聴診器には、強力なAI分析ツールが組み込まれており、質の高い聴診を実現することで、より効果的な心血管疾患の発見、モニタリングを可能にします。

Dr. Saltman earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, and his MD and PhD degrees from Columbia University. He trained in general and cardiothoracic surgery on the Harvard/Deaconess Surgical Service, and practiced surgery until 2017. Starting in 2008, Dr. Saltman also worked for the US FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health as a Medical Officer in the Offices of Device Evaluation, Compliance, and Product Evaluation and Quality. In addition to his responsibilities there reviewing manufacturer recalls, signals, and manufacturer communications, Dr. Saltman led CDRH’s cross-cutting policy revisions concerning benefit-risk as well as corrections and removals. He also developed decision analysis tools that help FDA and industry minimize risk from medical device problems while maintaining access to effective devices. In 2020, Dr. Saltman joined Eko as Chief Medical Officer, where he oversees clinical operations, medical affairs, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. Dr. Saltman is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Cardiology, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the American Heart Association, and he has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles on many topics related to surgery. He has served on editorial boards, conducted competitively funded research projects, completed advanced training in Health Informatics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is certified as a Quality Improvement Associate by the American Society for Quality.

US: 5:25 – 5:40 PM (PDT) Japan: 9:25 – 9:40 AM
US: 5:40 – 5:50 PM (PDT) Japan: 9:40 – 9:50 AM

Epicore Biosystems, the designers of a ‘skin-like’ wearable sweat sensor patch, measuring skin health and physiology in real-time.

Epicore Biosystemsは、ウェアラブルなデジタルパッチを開発するベンチャー企業です。皮膚に貼って汗をとらえ、バイオマーカーで汗の成分を分析。摂取が必要な成分や皮膚の健康状態をリアルタイムで把握することできるため、今後さまざまな用途が期待されています。

Dr. Ghaffari is co-founder and CEO of Epicore Biosystems, Inc., a company developing a proprietary wearable microfluidic sensing platform for remote health and hydration monitoring applications. He also serves as Associate Research Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University and is Director of Translational Research at the Querrey-Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics. Dr. Ghaffari holds BS and MEng degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the Harvard Medical School-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. Upon completion of his graduate studies, Dr. Ghaffari co-founded MC10 Inc (acquired by Medidata Inc), and served as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Dr. Ghaffari led the development and commercial launch of the BioStamp health monitoring platform. Dr. Ghaffari’s contributions in soft bioelectronics, micro/nano-scale systems, and auditory neuroscience have been recognized with the Helen Carr Peake PhD Research Prize, MIT 100K Grand Prize, and MIT Technology Review Magazine’s Top 35 Innovators Under 35. He has published over 100 academic papers and is inventor on over 50 issued patents.

US: 5:50 – 6:00 PM (PDT) Japan: 9:50 – 10:00 AM

Migraine AI, the creators of the Migraine.AI, a personalized tool to help the early detection and intervention of migraines, COVID, etc.

Hospital on Mobileは、片頭痛や新型コロナウイルス感染症などのモニタリングツールMigraine AIの開発を手掛けるモバイルヘルスケア企業です。ユーザー独自の情報に基づいた分析を通して、症状の早期発見と緩和を目指します。

Ozcan Cikmaz is a senior business leader with 10+ years of experience in mid- and executive level leadership. He has been a healthcare entrepreneur for the last six years. Currently, He is the CEO and founder of Hospital on Mobile. The company develops vital signs monitoring features that run on any smartphones or laptops. They impletemented vital signs to disease predictions and developed Migraine.AI for migraine predictions, ViroLogic for infectious disease prediction, and MentalWell for mental health treatment monitoring. Ozcan is driven to help people and save lives by developing preventive, contactless and language-free smartphone-based solutions. Especially reaching under-served communities is one of my main motivations. That is why Hospital on Mobile’s technologies can work even on low-tech smartphones and without an internet connection. He co-founded his first startup in remote heart monitoring in Istanbul and the second one in dental and middle ear imaging in Paris.

Ozcan holds an MBA degree and did his master’s degree in Intelligent System Engineering. Outside of business, he is a national athlete or competed nationally in 6 branches: hang gliding, high altitude winter climbing, skiing, biathlon, orienteering, and karate. As a result, I have mastered a number of systemic challenges, such as crisis management, multipronged problem analysis, and unorthodox solutions for unorthodox problems.

US: 6:00 – 6:10 PM (PDT) Japan: 10:00 – 10:10 AM

Respirix, innovating the current invasive and costly process of cardiopulmonary monitoring through the use of a non-invasive device to aid the early detection and intervention of symptoms.

Respirixは、従来の高価な侵襲型心肺モニタリングに代わる新たなソリューションとして開発された新技術です。医療機器のスタートアップ企業であるNozomi Medicalは、このRespirixの開発を進め、非侵襲型の機器を活用した革命的なモニタリング技術を提供することで、症状の早期発見および早期治療の実現を目指しています。

Dr. Burnett is a veteran in the medical device industry having founded many successful companies at various stages. During his undergraduate career at the University of Pennsylvania, he focused on bioengineering and spent a year at the Food and Drug Administration both testing devices and writing congressional reports on the current state-of-the-art devices. He then went on to Duke University where he completed his MD and his MBA. A licensed physician in the state of California, he finished his one-year internship at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida and matched for a residency in Ophthalmology at Stanford University which he deferred while he worked on starting his first venture, BAROnova. With funding of this venture by Medventure Associates, a medical device focused venture firm, Dr. Burnett relinquished his residency at Stanford and quickly became a Partner at Medventure. After working for two years as a venture capitalist, he resigned as partner and committed himself to his medical device incubator, TheraNova, and its subsidiaries. Since 2006, Dr. Burnett has raised, or helped raise, over $350MM from various sources for the 17 (and counting) Theranova spinouts, 2 of which have exited and 14 of which are still active. He is an inventor on over 40 issued patents and over 200 patents pending.  He holds a position as Assistant Professor in the Bioengineering Department at the University of California San Francisco and functions as the Industry Director for the Masters of Translational Medicine Program. Dr. Burnett volunteered at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic and also serves on two non-profit boards, Enterprise for Youth and Ethonova- a nonprofit he founded focused on developing medical devices for low and middle income countries.

US: 6:10 – 6:20 PM (PDT) Japan: 10:10 – 10:20 AM

Oncoustics, creating and distributing patented AIs for remote diagnosis, treatment monitoring, and other Point-of-Care Diagnostics.


Beth Rogozinski is a serial entrepreneur, technology professional, and business strategist who has spent the last several years focused on digital medicine.  Beth has worked in hardware, software and services at such top firms as Silicon Graphics, Macromedia, and the digital agency Circle and has also founded games and apps companies including Signal 2 Productions, Match Factor and D2S Games.  She has produced and published more than 30 games and apps, including over a dozen apps for health and wellness.  As Chief Product Officer at Pear Therapeutics, Beth led the development of Pear’s first clinical products and the product team submission of the De Novo 510k to the FDA. Pear’s ReSET™ was cleared by the FDA in 2017 as the first ever prescription digital therapeutic.  Beth is an advisor and mentor in the UCSF Health Hub, at Columbia’s HIT Lab and serves on BIO’s committee for Digital Health. She has written and published on digital medicine and tech innovations and is a frequent speaker at technology and healthcare events.

Beth is currently CEO of Oncoustics, an innovative AI solutions company that is creating low cost, non-invasive surveillance, diagnostics, and treatment monitoring for diseases with high unmet clinical need.

US: 6:20 – 6:30 PM (PDT) Japan: 10:20 – 10:30 AM

Siren Care, the founders of Siren Socks, wearable foot and leg temperature monitoring devices to help the early detection and intervention of potential injuries.

Siren Careは、糖尿病を患う人のためのスマートソックスSiren Socksの生みの親として知られる企業です。ウェアラブルなモニタリングデバイスとして開発されたこのソックスは、内蔵センサーにより体温をモニターすることで、神経にダメージを受けていて痛みを感じられない患者に警告を発し、炎症の早期発見、早期治療を可能にします。

Ran Ma is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and CEO of Siren, a technology & healthcare company that has developed proprietary technology to embed microsensors into fabric, allowing for the mass production of affordable, washable smart textiles. Siren’s first product is Siren Socks – a Medicare covered smart sock- that helps people living with nerve damage find potential injuries to avoid diabetic foot ulcers and amputations.

She has a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (Johns Hopkins University). Previously, Ran developed medical devices for the department of Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University, including bio masks to regenerate the human face for war veterans and burn victims .

US: 6:30 – 6:40 PM (PDT) Japan: 10:30 – 10:40 AM

TheraB Medical, the pioneers behind the SnugLit, the first fully wearable and portable treatment for infant jaundice.

TheraB Medicalは、新生児黄疸の治療に使われるポータブル型治療器SnugLitを開発した医療機器メーカーです。世界初となる完全ウェアラブル型のSnugLitにより、生まれたばかりの赤ちゃんが家族と離れることなく光線療法を受けられるようになったため、黄疸治療の質が大きく改善しました。

Sam Hansen is the Director of Marketing of TheraB Medical. She graduated from the Honors College at Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Biology and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Her previous experience as TheraB’s intern has piqued an interest in biotechnology and entrepreneurship, guiding her to become a motivated team member. She now leads branding and marketing initiatives for the company. 

US: 6:40 – 6:50 PM (PDT) Japan: 10:40 – 10:50 AM

Fumi Ikeno | M.D., Program Director, Japan Biodesign, Stanford University & John Thomas | Vice Chair, Martingale Asset Management & Member of the Board, Japan Society of Northern California

US: 6:50 – 7:50 PM (PDT) Japan: 10:50 – 11:50 AM
—DAY 1 : APRIL 22, 2021—
US: 4:30 – 4:35 PM (PDT) Japan: 8:30 – 8:35 AM

Takahide Akiyama | President, Japan Society of Northern California
秋山隆英 | プレジデント、北カリフォルニア・ジャパンソサエティ

US: 4:35 – 5:00 PM (PDT)
Japan: 8:35 – 9:00 AM

Fumiaki Ikeno | M.D., Program Director, Japan Biodesign, Stanford University


After graduating from Jichi Medical University, he began practicing general medicine in the rural areas of Japan. Fumiaki joined the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University in 2001, and closely involved with the R&D, animal studies, and clinical studies of many medical devices startups. He is also actively involved in projects with the US and Japanese regulatory agencies working to create an effective cross-border medical device eco-system. Fumiaki has also been an advisory faculty for the Stanford Biodesign Program since 2014. He is deeply involved with the development of the Japan Biodesign Program and is working diligently to establish a Silicon Valley-like medical device eco-system in Japan.

医師。 9年間、僻地医療を含む地域医療に携わり、 2001年から スタンフォード大学循環器科での研究を開始し、以後、200社を超える米国医療機器ベンチャーの研究開発、動物実験、臨床試験等に関与する。医療機器における日米規制当局のプロジェクトにも参画し、国境を超えた医療機器エコシステムの確立に尽力している。スタンフォード大学では、研究と平行し、14年から、Stanford Biodesign Advisory Facultyとして、 日本版Biodesignの設立にも深く関与。日本にもシリコンバレー型の医療機器エコシステムを確立すべく、精力的に活動している。

US: 5:00 – 5:25 PM (PDT)
Japan: 9:00 – 9:25 AM


Bakul Patel | Director, Digital Health Center of Excellence of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiologic Health (CDRH)

BAKUL PATEL is the Director for Digital Health Center of Excellence, at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Mr. Patel is responsible for providing leadership, development, implementing, execution, management and setting strategic direction and regulatory policy and coordinate scientific efforts for digital health, software and emerging technologies.

Mr. Patel, in 2013, created the term “software as a medical device” (SaMD) and under his leadership the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) established the globally harmonized definition of SaMD. Mr. Patel subsequently led global regulators at IMDRF to create and author the globally harmonized regulatory framework for SaMD. The concepts, principles and vocabulary created in harmonized regulatory framework has been used as a foundation and adopted by medical device regulatory bodies in the European union, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Australia and in the USA by US-FDA.

Mr. Patel is currently leading the effort for the agency in developing an innovative software precertification program to reimagine a pragmatic regulatory approach for Digital health that that aims for patients and providers to have timely access to safe and effective digital health products.

Prior to joining FDA, Mr. Patel held key leadership positions in several sectors including telecommunications industry, semiconductor capital equipment industry, wireless industry and information technology industry. His experience includes Lean Six Sigma, creating long and short-term strategy, influencing organizational change, modernizing government systems, and delivering high technology products and services in fast-paced, technology-intensive organizations. Mr. Patel earned an MS in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Regina, Canada, and an MBA in International Business from The Johns Hopkins University.

US: 5:25 – 5:50 PM (PDT)
Japan: 9:25 – 9:50 AM


Peter Fitzgerald | Emeritus Professor of Medicine & Engineering, Stanford University School of Medicine, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Triventures

Dr. Peter Fitzgerald is the Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Technology and Director of the Cardiovascular Core Analysis Laboratory (CCAL) at Stanford University Medical School. He is an Interventional Cardiologist and has a PhD in Engineering. He is Emeritus Professor in both the Departments of Medicine and Engineering (by courtesy) at Stanford. Presently, Dr. Fitzgerald’s laboratory includes 12 postdoctoral fellows and graduate engineering students focusing on state-of-the-art technologies in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has led or participated in over 175 clinical trails, published over 550 manuscripts/chapters, and lectures worldwide. He has trained over 150 post-docs in Engineering and Medicine in the past decade. In addition, he heads the Stanford/Taiwan MedTech innovation program.

Peter has been principle/founder of twenty-four medical device companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eighteen of these have gone public or transitioned to large healthcare/consumer companies. He serves on several boards of directors, advised dozens of medical device startups as well as multinational healthcare companies in the design and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic devices in the cardiovascular arena. In 2001, Peter was on the founding team of LVP Capital, a venture firm, focused on medical device and biotechnology start-ups in San Francisco. In 2010, he co-founded TriVentures in Israel, which is a venture fund focused on early-mid stage medical technology and digital healthcare.

US: 5:50 – 5:55 PM (PDT)
Japan: 9:50 – 9:55 AM


Takahide Akiyama

US: 5:55 – 5:58 PM (PDT)
Japan: 9:55 – 9:58 AM


US:  5:58 – 6:13 PM (PDT)
Japan: 9:58 – 10:13 AM


Raphael Rakowski | Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Mr. Rakowski has had a highly diverse 42-year career in sales engineering, process control consulting, energy consulting, management consulting, investment banking, strategic marketing, health care executive management, and entrepreneurial start ups in healthcare services and renewable resources. He is a frequent public speaker and fierce advocate for patient-centric healthcare delivery. He has worked and lived extensively abroad (Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan) and has a global view of business, education, and social interdependency.

He is a co-founder and Executive Chairman of Medically Home of Medically Home, the first model to commercially deliver acute care in the home.

Prior to Medically Home, Mr. Rakowski was a managing partner of Intersection, a business incubator that developed and launched companies in healthcare and renewable resources. Mr. Rakowski served as President of American Healthways, the nation’s leading Care Enhancement Company, serving the needs of patients with chronic health conditions. Prior to joining American Healthways, he founded and led New Paradigm Ventures (“NPV”), a consulting and investment firm in the healthcare and food industry market. A study conducted by NPV on medical outcomes improvement resulted in the care enhancement strategy that Mr. Rakowski brought to American Healthways as part of a comprehensive vision to respond to major gaps in the U.S. healthcare system. During his tenure, Healthways stock (NASDAQ: HWAY) underwent a very significant growth in trading, value, and coverage, largely due to strategic initiatives brought to the company by Mr. Rakowski.

As part of his commitment to care quality, Mr. Rakowski works with major academic medical centers to advance the cause of outcomes driven and patient-centric healthcare via new business ventures that are founded on measurable superior care quality.

US: 6:13 – 6:28 PM (PDT)
Japan: 10:13 – 10:28 AM


Amar Kendale | Chief Product Officer

Amar Kendale leads product for Teladoc Health, with responsibility for product management, product design and product marketing. He focuses on the needs of all stakeholders, including consumers, providers and payers—with a goal of evolving health care delivery toward value, through the power of technology.

Mr. Kendale was chief product officer at Livongo Health until its acquisition by Teladoc Health. Prior to Livongo, Mr. Kendale served as the vice president of marketing and strategy at MC10 (acquired by Medidata) where he developed consumer and healthcare wearable technologies and products. He also served as vice president of marketing and strategy at Arsenal Medical (NASDAQ: LYRA). Earlier in his career, Mr. Kendale developed medical devices and pharmaceutical products with high-powered teams that included serial innovators Bob Langer, George Whitesides and Al Chin. An accomplished technologist, Mr. Kendale has been awarded eight issued patents with additional patents pending, in fields spanning software, consumer electronics, medical devices and pharmaceutical drug discovery and development.

Mr. Kendale completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

US: 6:28 – 6:43 PM (PDT)
Japan: 10:28 – 10:43 AM


Zaif Siddiqi | Global Head of 5G & IoT Enterprise Business

In April 2016, Zaif Siddiqi was assigned as an Executive Director of Corporate Sales & Marketing Division at NTT DOCOMO Inc to develop and lead the global enterprise business. His responsibilities were extended in July 2018, where he was appointed to serve as a Board Member of NTT DOCOMO USA, China, Asia, Europe and Brazil to strategize the enterprise ICT business. In July 2020, he assumed the role of Global Head of 5G・IoT to address the needs of enterprise clients. Prior to the current assignment, his professional contributions were at Vodafone Global Enterprise, Microsoft and Verizon Business. Zaif Siddiqi earned his bachelor’s degree from International Islamic University, Malaysia, in the faculty of Economics and Management Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. He speaks native Japanese, English and Urdu/Hindi and has over 44 years of living experience in Japan

US: 6:43 – 6:58 PM (PDT)
Japan: 10:43 – 10:58 AM


Moderated by Dr. Ikeno

US: 6:58 – 7:05 PM (PDT)
Japan: 10:58 – 11:05 AM


US: 7:05 – 8:05 PM (PDT)
Japan: 11:05 AM – 12:05 PM